Multi Fuel Stoves

Purr-fect Plumbing & Heating are HETAS registered and fully accredited to install wood and multi fuel appliances. All work associated to Woodburning and Multi Fuel is subject to building regulations and at present the HETAS certificate is deemed to be the only Government approved certificate indicating compliance with the necessary Building Regulations relating to these appliances.

When you decide you wish to install a Woodburning or Multi Fuel appliance you can inform your local authority, they will then arrange for a building control officer to assess your site, they will also inspect any work in progress in order to sign off the job once completed. This can be time consuming and costly, a more cost effective way to have your Woodburning or Multi Fuel appliance installed correctly is to use a HETAS registered company such as Purr-fect Plumbing & Heating to install it for you. We deal with the building control inspection and notify HETAS for you.

Purr-fect Plumbing & Heating are able to advise you on the correct size and type of Woodburning or Multi Fuel appliance for your requirements. It is important to have the right appliance, too big an appliance will result in the area being uncomfortably hot, too small and it will fail to heat the room.

It is important that any Woodburning or Multi Fuel appliance you purchase should be CE compliant, BEWARE some foreign makes and models are not HETAS CE approved so always purchase your appliance from a reputable company.

A Woodburning or Multi Fuel appliance requires its own flue, this can be an advantage as the positioning of the appliance can be more flexible, it does not necessarily have to be placed in an existing fireplace. If however you choose to locate it in an already existing fireplace then your chimney (if deemed suitable) will require a flue liner and possibly a chimney pot. Your chimney will have to be swept professionally before the installation. The pre-installation survey we carry out enables us to inform you of any remedial alterations you need to undertake.

Upon completion of the installation and receipt of payment, we will notify HETAS who will issue you with a legal document certifying that the work has been carried out to the relevant standards.

Our Services Include

  • Installation of new Woodburner or Multi Fuel Stove
  • Installation of hearths & surrounds
  • Installation of flue liner
  • Pre Installation Survey
  • A detailed written quote and price for all stove installation services
  • HETAS notification on completion of all our stove installations

Benefits Of Using A Woodburning or Multi Fuel Stove

  • Stoves are attractive pieces of decorative furniture, you can't beat the cosy warmth of a woodburner.
  • They add value to your home. Landlords and owners of holiday cottages have them fitted to make them more attractive to tenants.
  • Stoves are a reliable source of heat during a power cut. You can place a kettle or cook on a stove.
  • Heating your house with wood is currently cheaper than gas or oil.
Woodburning Stove