Water Softeners

Purr-fect Plumbing & Heating supply and install quality water softeners to eliminate the nasty build up of limescale that can make your home difficult clean and reduce the life of your domestic appliances. Purr-fect Plumbing & Heating will be happy to carry out a home survey to advise on the most suitable water softener for your home and the ideal position in which to locate it.

Hard Water

Naturally soft rainwater absorbs calcium, magnesium carbonate and manganese whilst flowing through the ground. It’s these minerals that cause the water to turn hard. When heated, these minerals react and cause limescale in your home.


Limescale is a common problem in homes that have hard water. It’s caused by minerals building up and leaving a white powdery residue of calcium carbonate and magnesium. It clogs shower heads and pipework, makes surfaces appear dirty and discoloured and prevents your appliances from working efficiently.

The only way to have soft water where your supply is hard water, is to have a water softener installed. Cleaning products can combat the effects of this annoying combination of minerals but this is not a solution to the problem and it’s also costly and time consuming.

A water softener will remove limescale from hard water. It will also reverse the damage that hard water creates by gradually removing the scale from pipes and appliances, over time. So even if your house has been ravaged by the effects of limescale for a number of years, it can be reversed by fitting a quality water softener.

By plumbing a softener into your water supply system, the softener removes the mineral deposits from your hard water leaving you with pure, softened water that is so much kinder to your home and to you.


Benefits of soft water

  • Saves You Money - Your boiler, central heating, washing machine, dishwasher etc will enjoyn a longer life saving you money on service, maintenance & replacement costs.
  • Plumbing Restored - over a period of time your softened water will remove scale from the inside of your water pipes, hot water cylinders and shower heads. Your shower will become the ‘power shower’ you once knew.
  • Less Detergent Needed - You will need less detergent in your washing machine and less salt in your dishwasher. Shampoo, soap and conditioners will all go further.
  • Less Cleaning Products To Buy - No anti limescale products needed and no more scrubbing away at those stubborn water marks. A simple wipe over will suffice.
  • Easier Cleaning - No more limescale means no more stains and marks on dishes, glasses and pans. Your bathroom will be cleaner and shinier with sparkling tiles, bath surrounds, shower screens, basins, taps and tubs.
  • Smoother Skin & Shinier Hair - Your skin and hair will thank you for bathing in soft water. Some skin conditions such as Eczema can show remarkable improvement from continuous bathing in softer water.

It's time to experience the luxury of soft water today!